Instruction NOT provided by Club.  Instruction must be arranged through Club Members who instruct.  A list of known instructors who are Club Members are at the bottom.  Only Club approved instructors may give instruction in Club Aircraft.

Becoming A Private Pilot

To become a private pilot, you must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age, (16 to solo) and read, speak and understand English
  • Log at least 40 hours in the air
    • At least 20 hours with an instructor
    • At least 10 hours of solo flight
    • 3 hours of cross-country flight with an instructor
    • 3 hours of night flight with an instructor
    • 3 hours of instrument instruction
    • at least 10 night takeoffs and landings to a full stop
    • 100 NM + cross country with an instructor
    • 5 hours of solo cross country
    • 150 NM + 3-leg solo cross country
  • Do a pre-solo written knowledge test.
  • control tower operations with 3 takeoffs and landing
  • Pass an FAA administered written airmen knowledge exam
  • Possess a Third Class FAA Medical Certificate, or better (must have to solo)
  • Pass a Private Pilot Practical Test, flight and oral, with a pilot examiner
  • Click here for the FAA website to review in detail

Our instructor members train under FAR Part 61 which addresses regulations pertaining to flight instruction for most independent flight instructors and flying clubs. While the minimum time for a Private license is 40 hours, the average time is closer to 65 hours. The more often a student is able to fly, the fewer number of hours that he/she can expect it will take to fulfill the requirements.

Training is also available for private pilots taking the next step, becoming instrument rated. While a private pilot gains confidence and experience building their hours after achieving the private rating, that pilot begins to discover some of the limitations as they fly longer distances in more diverse weather conditions. The instrument rating will allow a pilot much more flexibility and safety as they progress. All of our instructor members are certified as Instrument Instructors as well.

We have very experienced instructor members with a wide variety of backgrounds. We encourage you to give us a call and set up a time to meet us and even take a discovery flight. It is important that you feel comfortable and secure about your instructor and the airplane that you will use. Please give us the opportunity to personally welcome you into the wonderful world of aviation.


Private Instruction: approximately $ 50.00 per hour (set by your instructor)
Instrument Instruction: approximately $55.00 per hour (set by your instructor)

Fuel and aircraft are not included in these prices. The price is for flight instruction.
All ground instruction is arranged through your flight instructor.

Earn a Commercial pilots license

INSTRUCTORS who are Members of the Club:

John Post
Todd Jennings
Fred Huppertz
Jason Helmka
Sam Collins
Chris Maisey
Elliott Borenstein
Francois DeFromont
Anna Nguyen
Mathew Choi
Trevor Powalowski