Getting Started with AeroVentures

Joining our club is easy whether you are a long time pilot or brand new to aviation. AeroVentures has a low monthly fee of $100 to maintain club membership.

A one-time initiation fee of $250.

With the membership fee, you have access to our club aircraft at very reasonable rates. We charge per hour of Hobbs time.

We are proud of our clean, well-equipped, and well-maintained airplanes. We all share in the upkeep by assuring the airplanes are neat and clean after every flight.

Our airplanes are maintained to the highest standards and comply with the applicable FAA regulations. The airplanes get a 50-hour oil change,  100-hour service interval and annual inspections and they are IFR certified. We take care of routine “squawks” as soon as it is written on our maintenance log to make sure the aircraft are always airworthy and ready.  You can report any “squawks” or submit comments/questions through the “contact” link on the main page.

Our website has a link to our aircraft scheduling program where each member has a password to book flights and instructors from home on their computer. We also track progress if you are a student pilot, and keep track of important dates such as medical, flight reviews, and club reviews.

Instructions for application of membership

There are two ways complete the membership forms.  You can fill out and sign the forms electronically or you can download each PDF, sign and either return by hand/mail or scan and return via the secure upload form below.  Please make sure if you upload via the upload form that you include photo ID in your submission.

Fuel receipts should be submitted electronically through the link on the left hand side of the main page.

After your application is received we will review it and reach out to you.  If you are a new member you’ll have to be checked out in each model of airplane and wait for insurance approval before you can fly.

The “Member Information Sheet” has more information on joining the club from the link below labeled “AeroVentures Flying Club Member Information Sheet”

Below are the document links for Associate Membership via the electronic signing process.  If you have never filled out any forms you should select the first link for the full set of required documents.  The electronic signing service will verify your email and then take you to the form to sign. 

If you have been contacted to resubmit an individual form or need to fill out a passenger waiver, you can select it below. There is no submission for electronic documents for pilots and passengers who are not legal adults.  You must submit these documents via the hand deliver, mail or scan process below. 

If you are applying for the first time fill out the “Associate Member Agreement Full Adult” document.

Electronic Signing Documents

Associate Member Agreement Full Adult

Associate Members Agreement Adult

Liability Waiver-Associate Member Adult

Liability Waiver-Passenger Adult (If Applicable)

Liability Waiver-Passenger Minor (If Applicable)

Background and Credit Authorization Adult

Pilot Record Adult

Pilot Photo ID Adult


Below are the document links required for Associate Membership for either return by hand deliver, mail or scan.  Club Officers can be contacted to return forms by hand, or they can be mailed into our mailing address on the Contact Page.   Alternatively you can upload your membership documents in the secure submission form below.

Note:  Submissions for minors must include the minors name at each location that contains the pilot information/name.  Parents or legal guardians must fill out the background form with guardian information only.  Parents or legal guardians must sign each form including the pilot record.

Paper/Scan Documents

Member Information Sheet

Associate Member Agreement

Liability Waiver-Associate Member

Liability Waiver-Passenger (If Applicable)

Background and Credit Authorization

Pilot Record